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"I really appreciated and valued my sessions with you, you are very perceptive , understanding and so kind, I want to go on record as saying that the wonderful job you did to help me with coping with my condition went beyond my expectation" A at North Cheam

"I was able to tell Marc, events from my past, I never told anyone. We explored them together, and it helped my to enlighten my present situation regarding my son and his illness. The short time we worked together helped me in that difficult situation, Thank you for all." B at Raynes Park.

"I did not think I would, but I found it very helpful to talk, moan, or cry without feeling judge or receiving advice on what I should or should not do, I felt very supported in my difficulties and I was able to move forward. Thank you very much." C at Mitcham.

"Thank you for all your dedicated patience and hard work during the last 16 weeks listening to my problems and particularly the greatest loss in my life , My father. I certainly feel better with myself overall and more confident." M at Wimbledon.

"The support I have received in the last 12 weeks has gone beyond my expectations, You have been very understanding and have attentively supported me regarding the progress of my son. I don't think I can fully express my gratitude for the help I have received from you. I would like to send you my sincerest thanks." J at Morden.

"I wasn't sure what to expect, at my age but being able to express my thoughts and anxiety, I was able to move the tanker of my experience in a different direction.. our months together helped with my concerns and emotions with my daughter and retirement. Thank you very much" F at Raynes Park

" When my daughter had a breakdown, I became anxious and was unable to move on. I was rushing all the time and finding it difficult to finish anything. Thanks to our work together I became calmer person and I am now less rushing all the time, thank you very much for that." H at Mitcham

" The ear Marc provided, helped me to express so many unspoken anger and disappointments I was having with my son for so long. I had kept those feeling inside, and it was impossible to have a normal relationship with my son. Being free to express those without any judgement, was the best thing that could have happened. Thank you again, for those sessions together" C at Morden

" After losing my partner I was a mess, her "ghost" was with me all the time. Thanks to your help, I can now close my eyes and not be feeling guilty and angry all the time. Thank you very much, you helped me more than word can say." H at Wandsworth

" I found the sessions very helpful in ordering my thoughts and beginning to close a chapter of my life. Marc was very supportive and empathic towards me and it has been a great relief to talk about my feelings and explore my concerns. I would seriously recommend that anybody seeking counselling help contact Marc " L at Stoneleigh

"In the 12 counselling sessions I had with Marc, he provided all the support and encouragement I needed to fully understand, and take action on, family and work relationship problems that I had struggled with for many years. I would like to thank Marc for his warmth and generosity of spirit. I would heartily recommend Simon's services to anyone." R at North Cheam

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